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City of Buellton
Buellton, CA 93427

PO Box 2189
Santa Barbara, CA 93120

Dear City of Buellton,

I received a letter by Marc P. Bierdzinski AKA Planning Director with no date, but with an envelope dated 122012. I know that the City of Buellton has been criticized about Brown Act violations before, but this project is sudden news to me.

I believe you are sending this letter because [redacted] and have suddenly decided to inform [redacted] of such report. I know that the philosophy of the city is to merely point to its website and say check for any updates. However, not everyone has such access, or even ability to stay up-to-date.

In an effort to inform the public, your police department attempted to counter the work of community organizing efforts through intimidation tactics.

District wide, so-called community leaders gathered to make matters worse for truckers rather than work together.

I already spoke to your council on trucker rights. I do not need to be there in person at every council meeting as once is enough to make my point. In fact, Andrisek informed me at a public visioning workshop that he agreed with me on truckers, but then said on record that he did not. The plans for Buellton show one road lanes and roundabouts, which does not even take into consideration any trucker rights. There have been two trucker deaths already near Buellton.

I foresee more tragedies due to these policies. I have seen cars race down Bobcat Springs Road onto Jonata Springs Road towards Buellton. I once chased after one wondering who it was in the dark colored sports car with tinted windows. However, I was met by a vehicle that pulled out of The Village on your one-lane creation and the car that sped was already at the Avenue of Flags / Highway 246 stop light. What will happen when a car breaks down on your single land road? What will happen when someone needs medical emergency and cannot get through? Hello, seniors.

I am not so confident in our helicopters constant abilities due to eight police-involved shootings within the county and not one helicopter came to its medical attention.

This one-lane issue and roundabouts, as well as, anti-trucker mentality should have been brought to a public vote on Election Day.

This letter reveals to me how things can be hidden for so long until its "notice of completion."

The public visioning process was for one to two years, but even attending it revealed groups who ignored reason. There is a group of people that really believes Buellton is their town. I even created a petition, gathered signatures, informed the council, and nothing is in the plans. Buellton has always welcomed truckers and now they have no rights?

The Village was built where Hispanics use to live. Now, your "notice of completion" states a "small residence and some outbuildings are currently on the site and will be removed." This residence houses Hispanics. Have these Hispanics been informed along the process and really participated? Or, are these Hispanics merely being sent a "notice of completion"?

I notice this letter accepts public comments in writing up to February 04, 2013, which is after the Demo Construction Phase running into the Site Prep.

This is not democracy.

Ricardo Soto, Incorporator
Global Human Rights Charity

Candidate for Juris Doctorate (JD)
*prior to 2025

tags: fair & equal justice, due process, economy & inflation, trucking rights, safety ethics, hispanic rights, life / liberty

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