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(BUELLTON-123011) A semi-truck traveling northbound on Highway 101, near the Avenue of Flags southbound exit, caught on fire. At approximately 0115am PST a minor boom was heard followed by another 10-15 minutes later revealing a fire located one-half mile away. The fire was not a house roof top, but a commercial truck. Firemen were already on location, "we are here." As for the explosive boom sounds, "it was the tires." Unfortunetly, the semi-truck trailer was moderately burned, which contained spinach. Thank God there were a good amount of first responders / firemen to put out the fire. Traffic was beginning to get congested, but a few commercial drivers took Jonata Park Road driving north bound to meet their route rather than be delayed by traffic, which was a smart move. I was in the area, and left the scene about 0230am.

Buellton is a great place to stop for truckers, especially when checking system maintenance, or allowing an engine to cool down after a long drive up the hill. However, Buellton should not be the only city, but one of many cities who accommodate commercial trucks. If not, problems can occur when it comes to engine problems, mechanical failures, inflation, or commerce delays / disruptions. The cost of repairing or replacing a truck has to come from somewhere, whether at a loss to the business, added to the shipping cost, or consumer retail price. No one really wins when the trucker is left out of the picture.

tags: economy & inflation, safety ethics, trucking rights, first responders

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